Sharon’s Story

Sharon founded the charity and created the Dot Com program to help give children the power to speak up about issues that frighten or worry them.

Her passion for this came from the violence and abuse in her childhood. When she was 7 Sharon’s Mum managed to escape from the domestic violence and they went to live with Sharon’s Grandmother. Sharon was unable to read or write because of the trauma she suffered.

When she was in a safe place at her Grandmother’s home she learned to read and tell the time. Her Grandmother was watching Thames News and proudly told Sharon she read so well she could read the news like Andrew Gardener. Sharon focused on that dream and became a journalist.

At 22 she read Thames News with Andrew Gardner and remembers it as a magical experience. She went on to present at the BBC, Sky and ITV. When a head-on car crash on the way to the studios changed her life, she decided to use these skills to work with the police and help children find their voice.

2014 BEST Magazine – Bravest Women Award